Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Photos

More photos from our trip to Atlanta! It was great to finally be able to introduce Hudson to my (Kaitlin's) side of the family. Only my mom and Lynley (my sister who came out to YAA for camp over the summer) had ever met Hudson before so there were a ton of people for him to get to know. The weeks that we were there just didn't suffice to allow him enough time to spend with everyone. Hopefully we will be able to get back soon OR hopefully everyone will be able to come out to Montana soon for a visit, hint, hint :)

Uncle Matt, Doug
Aunt Lauren, Hudson, Aunt Lynley, and Kaitlin

Kaitlin, Hudson and Gigi

Hudson and Gigi

Aunt Lauren, Hudson and Uncle Matt

Naptime with mommy
(falling asleep on my lap doesn't happen much anymore so I savor all the snuggles I can get!)

Hudson and his beautiful aunts!

Love the onesie..."World's Cutest Alarm Clock"

Aunt Lauren, Aunt Lynley, Gigi, Hudson and Kaitlin

Saturday, November 21, 2009

More pictures from our time in Atlanta

It was like "where's waldo"...can you find the baby among all of the toys?!

Oh, there he is!

Uncle Matt meeting his nephew for the first time...


Papa G whispering sweet nothings in his little ears -

Hudson with his great-grandaddy and great-granny!

Hudson's introduction to the goats on the farm. Neither goat nor baby really seemed to fancy each other but at least they posed long enough for a picture together.

Celebrating Halloween - Dinner out with the family (Papa G, Mama K, Matt, Lauren, Stephen, Kaitlin and Hudson). Stephen was playing piano that night at the restuarant so we all went to support him and get some great food!

HD all dressed up for his 1st Halloween :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We travelled to Hotlanta for several weeks in October/November, hence, the lack of updates on our blog! Here are a few pics from our travels and there will definitely be more up soon.

Sam sat by Hudson before we left for the airport for Atlanta. He clearly knew something was up!

You look away for just one minute and he's already starting to get into stuff! Hudson had rolled off his playmat and half way across the room and started snacking on the plant...

Cuddles with mom :)

Learning how to ride horseback on dad's shoulders...

Uncle Matt and Aunt Lauren...

Hudson LOVED Aunt Lauren!

We keep trying to get him to show off his two pearly white teeth but he just won't keep his mouth open long enough for us to snap a shot.

Hudson got his first music lessons from Uncle Stephen and he was thoroughly entraced by the piano (and his uncle) the entire time...

Hudson spent lots of time with Granny and Grandaddy on their farm. Here's Hudson with Grandaddy...

Hudson and Granny - yes, that's a dictionary that she was reading to him!

That's all for now. Hopefully lots more pics of our trip very soon.