Sunday, March 28, 2010

$15 at a garage sale

We got this little chariot at a garage sale several months ago and have anxiously awaited getting to finally put it to use. With the warm weather we have had over the past few weeks we strapped up Hudson, gave him some toys, a few blankets and put on his bright yellow 1920's football helmet-shaped hat to keep the sun out of his eyes and were off for a nice long walk around the neighborhood! Hudson really enjoys his new ride and hardly made a sound the entire time because he was so enthralled in soaking up everything there was to look at along the way. Next we will try hooking him up to our bikes and going for some longer rides!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bear Trap Canyon

Where's all the snow?!

We are a little sad at the lack of snow that has fallen over the past few months and at how quickly it is melting away, however, we are definitely enjoying getting out a bit more often to enjoy God's creation! We hiked Bear Trap Canyon the other day and Hudson slept in the carrier almost the entire time. It was so great to get out and we are really looking forward to more and more outdoor adventures as the warmer weather draws near.

28 days to go!

I can't believe we are less than one month away until Hudson's 1st birthday, wow! It's so great to see him figuring out new things everyday and he's not even a year into life yet. We are trying to decide how to best celebrate his big day and I realize I need to get on the ball as the time is quickly approaching. Here are a few pics of his latest new moves...climbing up stairs, yikes!

He got kinda tired after the first few stairs and decided to take a break and pose for the camera...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"I love bathtime!"

I think that is what he is saying here...

All he does the entire time...puts everything in his mouth and sucks on it...

So stinkin' cute!!

HD sporting his Dino robe