Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun times of late

Here are some pics from Hudson's first trip to McDonald's...his first Happy Meal...his first time at the Playland...overall, I think he loves McDonald's and I am sure we will visit more often in the winter when we need a warm place to play for him to exert all of his neverending amounts of energy!

His first few times in the Playland Hudson needed Dad in there with him to encourage him and make him feel comfortable in the new environment.

However, after a few rounds with dad at his side he was good to go and wanting to down the slide all by himself - he is already way too independent for me at times :)

Hudson and Logan have matching little cars that they love to ride around the front porch - they are two littles peas in a pod, so cute!

Here are some pics I found from earlier in September when we made our first trip to the Belgrade water park (pretty much one of the last 90 degree days we had this summer). Hudson was pretty apprehensive at first around all of the water features, but before too long he was running around the park and screaming like a wild child. I can't wait until next summer when he is a bit bigger and will be able to enjoy the water park even more. (I also love his gut sticking out over his swim diaper!)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Strolling down Main St. for the Halloween walk last Friday. The walk is held in the afternoon when it's usually a lot easier for the little kids to get out and about before it gets too cold or they run out of steam. All of the store venders pass out candy - this was Hudson's first trick-or-treating experience and he did great! Doug and I were rooting for Hudson to pick out the yummy candies like Reeses peanut butter cups or Milky Ways, but no, he kept going for all of the bright colored wrappers like banana flavored Tootsie Rolls, Nerds, or Sour Patch Twizzlers - mmmm, we'll save those to hand back out on Halloween night! Oh well, we had a blast and HD looked so cute in his little lion outfit (perfect timing too since he just learned how to roar like a lion a few weeks ago, whew!)

We also went around our neighborhood trick-or-treating on Halloween night. We went with our neighbors whose kids, Makenna and Logan, dressed up as a princess and a puppy dog. The three of them had such a fun time literally running from one house to the next to get more candy. Actually, all I think Hudson cared about was getting to knock on everyone's doors; he loves knocking and goes around our house all day long just knocking on the doors.

The princess, puppy and lion all on the loose, we couldn't even keep up with them running from house to house!

Again, here's Hudson as he has already passed off his candy to dad and is taking off for the next house on the block...