Sunday, October 11, 2009

6 months old!

Hudson celebrated turning 6 months old on Monday (the 12th) by a trip to the doctor where he stripped naked, laid on a cold metal balance and weighed, poked and prodded with various instruments in the chests/ear/mouth/etc then given 4 shots (two in each thigh) and one oral immunization. It was quite a traumatic morning for the little guy but exciting for me to find out that he is 17 lbs 2 ozs (80%) and 27 1/2" long (40%). He is long and lean.

To commemorate this occasion, here are a few pics of Hudson over the past 6 months, amazing how quickly they grow!

Only 16 days old...this picture was taken on our first road trip together the day we picked up our son from Missoula...

17 days old - we were still in shock that we now had a child and at how beautiful and perfect he was! The blanket he is cuddled up in was a gift to him from his birthmom.

One month old...already showing off his big blue eyes and cute little flipped out ears...

Two months old...he was smiling 24/7 by this point in time, we had made it through the first several weeks of total fussiness, whew!

Three months old...gotta love those ears! He was holding his head up pretty well by 3 months old...

Four months old...starting to interact with us and smiling when we smiled...

Five months old...holding his own bottle and eating solid foods!

He's still not sure what he thinks of avocado...(usually spits it back out unless I mix it with banana - he'll pretty much eat anything if I first mix it with banana. Thankfully the sweet potatoes are sweet enough that he loves those all on their own)...

Six months old...the shirt says it all...

You have to look really close to see it (pretty much need a magnifying glass) but there is the beginning of a little tooth that has poked through his gums!

Well, there's your glimpse at his first 6 months of life. I am excited to see what the next 6 months have to hold for our little boy!

Dedication Day

Hudson William was dedicated by Dave Bos at Alliance on Sept. 27th.
Thank you to everyone who came to support us, especially thank you Deea for taking all the wonderful pictures. After church, we were able to celebrate back at the house with elk burgers, a great game of football (the Bears won!) and smores by the fire.

Hudson and Lily

Quick bite to eat before showtime. Probably not the best idea on my part. I was nervous the whole time that he was going to lose his lunch all over Dave. Thank goodness he held it in!

Dave and Hudson - Hudson kept trying to get his hands on the microphone

The proud parents!

Burgers and the Bears!

Noah and Deea (thanks again for the great photos!)

Monday, October 5, 2009

To Wear or Not to Wear?

Of course, little boys' clothes just aren't as stinkin' cute as little girls' clothes, however we have enjoyed some of the fun outfits Hudson has accumulated so far...

Doug and Hudson are ready to cheer on the Blackhawks (thanks grandpa and grandma Duschene!). It seems like Hudson is still upset that the Blackhawks lost their last game.

This photo is from a few months ago - the shirt says it all, "I'm in charge around here".

Twins! When Hudson came over to Logan's house to play one morning, they had no idea they had slept in the same sleeper overnight. Logan is our neighbors' little boy and is only 5 days older than Hudson.

Hudson was about one month old in this next photo. This was one of the fun little tie-dyed onesies that Jess made for Hudson's baby shower in May. Charlie always love to cuddle up next to Hudson and be near him while he plays.

Doug and Hudson in their matching orange fleeces (thanks Granny J!)

Just happy to be out of those restrictive clothes!

Hudson is getting his first swimming tips from dad!

Post-bath attire...he usually hates bath time, so the lack of tears and crying in this picture is a rare sight.

Last, but definitely not least, displays Hudson's favorite outfit of all! Good thing he's got his booties on to keep his feet warm :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

HD's First Snowfall!

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Other than the day (April 28th, 2009) we drove up to Missoula in a snowstorm to meet our son for the first time and bring him home with us, this is Hudson's first experience with snow. He doesn't really care much for the snow now but we are sure he will come to LOVE it very soon! By the way, these pictures were taken at the cozy little cottage where we are housesitting over the next few months. We measured 9" of snowfall in the front yard, not bad for the first of many more to come this season!

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